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What Mom Really Wants

May 7th, 2016 | By: Nancy Ripton
Why you should forget the store-bought gifts this Mother’s Day and just give mom a break.

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What Mom Really Wants

What does a scented candle or bouquet of flowers really do in terms of showing mom how much you love and appreciate what she’s done? When it comes down to what most moms really want, it’s not something you can pick up at Homesense. Mom just wants a break.
A break from making three healthy meals a day that no one wants to eat. A break from begging her kids to just get along and be nice to each other. And, a break from planning.
By both necessity and nature, moms are planners. While dads might be behind the bench, it’s mom who remembers to sign kids up for activities on time and moms who get kids to the games on time. We remember to finish homework and get our little ones to yet another birthday party. If you want to give mom something she really loves this year, give her a break from all the scheduling and plan a fun, active day that the family can share together – no brain power from mom required.

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