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Getting your Pre-Baby Body Back

There's no reason you can't look better than ever after giving birth. Here's how to get your pre-baby body back - and then some.

by: Sydney Loney

There were probably days during your pregnancy when you thought your body couldn't possibly expand any further. But, incredibly, it did. And then you discovered that everything doesn't just miraculously deflate once your baby is born. Fortunately, getting back into shape post-baby is possible. Here's how:

Healthy Grocery Shopping Strategies for Families

Just when you thought you were making healthy food choices for your family, it turns out there’s a lot more to food labels than meets the eye. Here’s how to decode nutrition claims on your next trip to the grocery store.

by: Kerry McLeod

When you're trying to shop for healthy foods for your family, it's easy to fall for products emblazoned with marketing buzzwords such as "fortified" and "sugar-free." But many foods that appear to be good for you are actually the opposite. Here's how to decode product labels to help you select the healthiest foods on store shelves.

Exercise After Baby

Finding time to shower can be a major accomplishment when you have a newborn. But exercise speeds your recovery and helps you shed pregnancy pounds. Here’s how to fit it into your baby’s schedule.

by: Tracey Mallett

After childbirth, I was amazed by how much my stomach looked like a deflated balloon. If this is happening to you too, don't panic–your uterus will naturally contract back to its pre-pregnancy shape a few weeks after you give birth. But this alone is not enough to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

How to Eat Healthier as a Family

Health eating doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to create simple meals your whole family will love.

by: Nancy Ripton

Tired of making separate meals for everyone in the family? Try these healthy, homemade meals by Aviva Goldfarb, author of The Six O'Clock Scramble. They’re simple, creative, healthy, unprocessed and kid-friendly without being adult alienating – so tasty even Oprah’s a fan!

Flat Tummy After Baby

Look better than ever after giving birth – here's how.

by: Andrea Grace

The crunch has long been synonymous with strong, attractive abs. Now researchers have found that not only is the crunch not the best way to train your core, crunches may even damage your back.

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