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Surprising Holiday Hazards

Are poinsettias poisonous? Is your Christmas tree safe? Learn how to keep your child safe this holiday season.

by: Nancy Ripton

As parents, we don't want to make like the Grinch and steal all the Christmas cheer, but we don't want our children to get hurt during the holidays either. Unfortunately, holiday hazards can creep up where you least expect them. Here are four surprising holiday health hazards and how to protect your children from them:

What Happens to Your Body After Childbirth

From postnatal bleeding to the truth about breastfeeding–five things people forget to tell you about what happens after you give birth.

by: Sydney Loney

Moms-to-be are often bombarded with information about what happens to their bodies during labour and delivery, but many are surprised by what happens to their bodies afterwards. To help prevent post-childbirth surprises, here are the top five things most new moms don't know:

Does Your Toddler Listen to You?

If you're tired of hearing the word "NO," you're not alone. Here's how to handle stubborn toddlers

by: Annye Rothenberg

Preschoolers are amazing little people, but they can also be oppositional, impulsive, self-centered, inflexible and illogical – especially when upset. If you feel as though you and your toddler are speaking different languages, here's how to communicate on their level:

Is Your First Born Jealous?

How to help your child embrace baby number two

by: Elizabeth Pantley

Before your new baby arrived, your toddler was told he'd have a wonderful little brother to play with and how much fun it would be. Then the little brother was born and your toddler started thinking, "This squirming, red-faced baby that takes up all your time and attention is supposed to be fun?" Here are five ways to help him make the transition from only child to eldest:

New Mom Survival Guide

Giving birth is tough on your body and your baby. Here are some surprising things you can do to help you both feel better.

by: Alison Dunn

Giving birth is one of the most physically challenging experiences a woman can go through. And, with the excitement of preparing for the baby’s arrival, new moms sometimes forget that they’re going to need a little TLC too.

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