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Breastfeeding isn't going as smoothly as you'd hoped, you're desperate to drop the last of your baby pounds, and you just need some sleep. With top baby experts including: breastfeeding guru Dr. Jack Newman and psychotherapist Alyson Schafer, we've got you covered with parenting advice you can trust. We give you the best mom picks for baby gear

Gift Ideas for Moms, Babies and Moms-to-be

December 22nd, 2009 | By: Sydney Loney
Our annual gift guide will help you find cool stuff for all the moms and kids on your shopping list.
Gift Ideas for Moms, Babies and Moms-to-be

At Just the Facts, Baby we've compiled some of our favorite products from companies created by parents because, let's face it, they're the pros when it comes to what moms and babies want most. Here are some great gift ideas, whether you're shopping for new moms, moms-to-be, or the toddler who has everything.