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6 Things to do Before your Due Date

January 5th, 2018 | By: Sydney Loney
Those nine months are going to go fast, so we asked the experts what to focus on first. Start planning your list!

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6 Things to do Before your Due Date

Woohoo — the blue line on the pregnancy test confirms you’ve got a baby on the way. But…now what? Preparing for your new arrival takes some planning, from buying the “right” stuff to thinking about the values that are going to be important to you as a new parent. We went to the experts for their tips on what you need to do before you deliver.

Create a support group

 “Building your community is an invaluable part of getting ready,” says Julie Freedman Smith, co-founder of Parenting Power in Calgary Freedman Smith says. Think about who you can call if you need help getting groceries, or when you want to have a shower but don’t want to leave the baby. Even more important is finding someone you can confide in. “Many new moms feel guilty when they think they’ve messed up or don’t know what to do,” she says. “When you keep those feelings to yourself, they tend to grow, but having a community helps you realize that you’re normal and doing just fine.”