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A New Way to Naturally Lower Cholesterol during Pregnancy

November 26th, 2015 | By: Nancy Ripton
High cholesterol during pregnancy can have negative health implications for both mother and child. New research may have found a way to lower cholesterol naturally.

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A New Way to Naturally Lower Cholesterol during Pregnancy

While it’s normal for a woman’s cholesterol to spike during pregnancy, this can be problematic for a woman who has a preexisting cholesterol issue. Research has shown that excessive lipid levels can have a negative health impact on both the woman and her baby. Luckily, Mother Nature may have a way to lower cholesterol in pregnant women.

Why High Cholesterol is Dangerous During Pregnancy

An excessive level of cholesterol during pregnancy is measured as anything above 280 milligrams per deciliter. Elevated cholesterol during pregnancy is also known as supraphysiogical hypercholesterolemia. Offspring from moms with this condition tend to have fatty streaks in their arteries, and also suffer from high cholesterol and high triglycerides early in life. They are also at an increase risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.