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Do You Need a C-Section?

Do You Need a C-Section?

C-section Risks

Although a Cesarean birth is a major surgery, it is a very common procedure and usually there are no complications. There are, however, a few risks women should be aware of:

  • A wound infection can occur five to 10 percent of the time.
  • There's a very small risk of blood clots or a hole in the bladder.
  • There are potential problems for subsequent pregnancies. For example, placenta previa is more common in women who have had a prior C-section.
  • There's a chance of scar tissue build up on the uterus after a Cesarean birth. This isn't typically a problem with women who have one or two C-sections, but if you're planning on having a large family, the scare tissue can build up and, in severe cases, the mother may have to have her uterus removed after giving birth.