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Eating Organic During Pregnancy

Eating Organic During Pregnancy


If you eat beef during pregnancy, I strongly suggest choosing organic beef. The meat from grass-fed, organically raised cattle tends to be leaner overall and has about five times the omega-3s of its conventional counterpart. (Omega-3 fatty acids are important during pregnancy and research shows they play an important role in fetal brain development. Studies have found that babies born to women who ate diets high in omega-3s during pregnancy had higher attention spans than other infants.)

In contrast, a 2007 study published in the Oxford journal Human Reproduction linked mothers who ate beef from conventionally raised cattle during pregnancy with lower sperm counts years later in their adult sons. The men in the study whose mothers ate conventional beef most frequently had sperm counts that averaged 24 percent lower than their counterparts, and they were three times more likely to be infertile. The authors of the study believe the added hormones in conventionally raised beef were to blame.