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At-Home Pilates Pregnancy Workout

Pilates is a great way to stay in shape during your pregnancy and can even help prepare your body for labor. Try these tips and at-home workout.

by: Tracey Mallett

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hen everything from your muscles and joints to your internal organs is changing shape and shifting, things can get a little uncomfortable. The solution? Pilates can help your body feel more like it's self. It can improve your breathing, relieve back pain and keep you flexible. It can even help you recover your body shape after birth.) Here's how to get started.

Pilates Improves your Breathing

Pilates focuses on breathing, which helps activate the transversus abdominus. (This is the deepest of the abdominal muscles and is responsible for supporting the spine and pelvic area when ligaments are lax during pregnancy and nursing.) Research shows that activation of the transversus abdominus also activates the pelvic floor–keeping these muscles strong and supple for the birthing process can help with any incontinence you may experience during and after pregnancy.

Lateral breathing is also inherent in Pilates. It improves rib cage mobility when the range of motion in the diaphragm is limited due to the high position of the baby in the third trimester.

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