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Tired of Playing Games?

September 23rd, 2015 | By: Nancy Ripton
Can't stand the thought of another baby shower filled with games and watching the mom-to-be open gifts? Beading parties are a cool new idea that are fun for everyone.
Tired of Playing Games?

Baby showers are rarely events that have guests vying for invitations. Finding a fun activity to do if you're hosting a baby shower can be a challenge. Instead of party hats and present opening games, why not give guests a little time to treat themselves?

Jewelry making parties are a great way to include everyone and create something that they'll actually want to take home with them.

Beading Buds have jewelry making party kits that include everything you need to host your own jewelry making event . Guests can make glass pearl necklaces with  a heart clasp or fashionable bracelets (seen below). The kit includes instructions, as well as all the beads, professional jewelry string with one end already conveniently attached, pliers and organza bags for the guests to bring their new piece of art home in.

You can even select your own bead colours to go with the theme of your baby shower.  These kits are a fraction of the cost of hiring party entertainment and even include free shipping.