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What Happens During Prenatal Appointments?

From blood tests to glucose screening, here’s what to expect at your next prenatal appointment

by: Sydney Loney

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hroughout your pregnancy, you’ll routinely find yourself being poked, prodded and pricked with needles, but you may not always know why. Because it’s easy to lose track of what you’re being tested for, here’s what to expect from prenatal appointments from your first trimester right up until your baby is born:

What happens at your first appointment

If you think you might be pregnant (many women take a couple of pregnancy tests on their own, just to be sure!), book an appointment with your doctor. She may do another pregnancy test to confirm your mom-to-be status and will probably give you a head-to-toe checkup. She’ll also conduct an extensive fact-finding mission to learn about your family’s medical history, says Susan Georgoussis, a perinatal nurse in Toronto.

Even something like back problems or a history of depression can be important information that can help your healthcare provider down the road, Georgoussis says. “This is a good time to put together a file of your family medical history. Even if you don’t think it’s relevant, it’s good to share as much information as you can.”

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