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What to Wear When you're Expecting

Hatch maternity designer Ariane Goldman reveals how to look your best during your pregnancy, buy looks that last and how to rock the party dress.

by: Nancy Ripton

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ome women give up on style when they get pregnant. "Our regular brands don't speak to us so we tend to feel bad about how we look," says Ariane Goldman, Hatch Maternity designer. "Being pregnant is the one of the coolest moments of your life." Instead of feeling down on fashion, women should embrace it and rock the baby bump. "Wear clothes that make you feel as amazing, as you are," says Goldman.

Unsure of where to go for advice? Goldman dishes all the details for looking your best when you're expecting?

Pregnancy Fashion Trends

JTFB: What are the biggest trends right now in pregnancy fashion?  

AG: I don't really follow pregnancy trends, as Hatch is about feeling your best whether pregnant or not. So what's trending for me is this idea that comfort is beauty, and that investing in pieces that enable you to feel good while looking great is the new direction. 

JTFB: The jumpsuit is so popular right now – even for expecting moms – what’s the best way to pull it off?  

AG: Rock it with confidence! The jumpsuit is my favorite for a one-stop shop to dressing. Throw a pair of heels or flats on and the outfit is complete!

JTFB: Best pants while pregnant?  

AG: The drawstring pant. Amazing and for holiday – the Tuxedo version is bananas!


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