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Which is Better: Midwife, Doula or Doctor?

Which is Better: Midwife, Doula or Doctor?

How to create a birth plan

"A birth plan is good because it gives you something to discuss with your caregivers–it's your negotiating document," says Dahl. "When you have a birth plan, you can be confident that the support group around you are all clear about what you want."

Your birth plan may include everything from what position you want to be in during labor to how you want your baby's heart rate monitored. [To create and save your own birth plan, go to] Reviewing your birth plan with your caregiver also helps ensure you're both on the same wavelength. You'll find out what their views are and will discover whether they're willing to respect yours if they differ. "You have to take some responsibility on your own and having it down on paper can help you have the strength to say, ‘that's not the way I want the birth to happen,'" says Dahl.