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Six Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins

How to handle this common pregnancy side effect

by: Sydney Loney

Pregnancy comes with many perks (lustrous hair, glowing skin, new baby!), but there are a few side effects most women could do without. If you dread short season because of the post-pregnancy varicose and spider veins snaking up your legs, here’s what you should know.

Could You Have Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Find out why proper dental care during your pregnancy is crucial for mom and baby.

by: Nancy Ripton

“Pregnancy can be really hard on your teeth,” says Dr. Florence Lockhart, a Vancouver-based dentist. The hormonal shift (which is more pronounced in some women) can result in increased bacteria, putting you at a greater risk of tooth decay. Plus, you may be craving bad foods and eating more sugar than normal, or vomiting due to morning sickness – the acidity can leach minerals out of the teeth.

What Happens to Your Body During Pregnancy

From excess saliva to changing shoe sizes–five pregnancy side effects you may not know about.

by: Sydney Loney

You may have expected the nausea, sore breasts and backache, but what about the nosebleeds, excess saliva and constipation? Here are five common pregnancy-related symptoms most new moms-to-be don't know about:

What to Wear When you're Expecting

Hatch maternity designer Ariane Goldman reveals how to look your best during your pregnancy, buy looks that last and how to rock the party dress.

by: Nancy Ripton

Some women give up on style when they get pregnant. "Our regular brands don't speak to us so we tend to feel bad about how we look," says Ariane Goldman, Hatch Maternity designer. "Being pregnant is the one of the coolest moments of your life." Instead of feeling down on fashion, women should embrace it and rock the baby bump. "Wear clothes that make you feel as amazing, as you are," says Goldman.

Is the Spa Safe During Pregnancy?

Here's how to have a blissful–and safe–spa experience when you're pregnant

by: Sydney Loney

A trip to the spa can be pure bliss, but when you're pregnant you need to pamper safely. Here's what you should know before you book your next spa appointment.

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