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Fresh Collective
692 Queen Street West
Route: Queen West and Kensington Market
Stroller access Cool Baby Stores
732 Queen. St. W
Route: Queen West and Kensington Market
Change station
Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road
Route: Don Mills
Change station Stroller access High Chairs Nursing Areas Play, Read or Sing
Jordan Historical Museum
3800 Main Street
Route: Jordan
Stroller access
Toys "Я" Us
2300 Yonge St.
Route: Yonge and Eglinton
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas
Bessborough Public School
211 Bessborough Dr.
Route: Leaside (Laird Dr. & Eglinton Ave.)
Stroller access Park
North York Central Library
5120 Yonge St.
Route: Yonge & Sheppard
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas Play, Read or Sing
Coffee Tree Roastery
2412 Bloor St. W.
Route: Bloor West Village/High Park
Change station Stroller access
720 Queen St. W
Route: Queen West and Kensington Market
Change station Stroller access High Chairs
Boston Pizza
4841 Yonge St., Unit #117
Route: Yonge & Sheppard
Change station Stroller access High Chairs

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