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  1. Get Your Baby to Sleep
    What you need to know so you, and your baby, can sleep through the night
  2. BPA, Phthalates, Cold Medicine–Is your Child at Risk?
    Whether you're worried about baby bottles or baby lotion, here's your guide to new research on
  3. New Mom Survival Guide
    Giving birth is tough on your body and your baby. Here are some surprising things you can do to
  4. Teach Your Baby to Talk
    Your guide to communicating with your baby from day one
  5. Does Your Toddler Listen to You?
    If you're tired of hearing the word "NO," you're not alone. Here's how to handle stubborn toddlers
  6. Help For Working Moms
    How to find balance as a working mom both at home and on the job
  7. Secrets for Raising Smarter Kids
    Why brain boosting skills should be instilled at an early age, and how to set your child up for a
  8. Green Ways to Keep your Baby Clean
    How to keep your baby’s skin clean and safe from irritants and harsh chemicals.
  9. Managing with Multiples
    How to cope when you’re expecting twins, triplets or more.
  10. When to Start Sleep Training
    Find out when to start sleep training and how best to sleep train your baby
  11. Best Tips For Potty Training
    Is your child ready to toilet train? Here's what you need to know.
  12. Great Gifts for Moms
    Treat the moms in your life to a gift designed just for them this Mother's Day.
  13. How to Get Your Child to Sleep at Bedtime
    10 ways to establish a nightly routine and avoid fights at bedtime
  14. Bed Rest Survival Guide
    10 strategies to help you rest easier
  15. Creating the Perfect Sleeper
    Quality of sleep affects everything your child does. Here's how to make sure your family gets
  16. Does Your Baby Have Eczema?
    How to deal with your child's dry skin
  17. Does your Baby have Colic?
    Your guide to coping with a colicky baby
  18. Ten Strange Pregnancy Symptoms
    Here's the scoop on everything from excess saliva to itchy skin
  19. How to Make Every Day Earth Day
    Your guide to having a greener, healthier home all year long
  20. How Clean Is Your Kid?
    From tooth brushing to nail clipping, here's how to make hygiene less of a hassle
  21. End Bedtime Battles
    Why adding an element of play can make troublesome tasks like hair and tooth brushing simple –
  22. Sleep Stall Tactics
    How to get your child to sleep when she wants to do everything but go to bed.
  23. Are you Putting Coal on Your Child’s Skin?
    Find out what chemicals are hiding in 80 percent of all skincare, beauty, and bath products and
  24. Five Sleep Solutions for Tired Toddlers
    Here’s what to do if your child is lying awake at night
  25. How Setting a Family Routine can Change your Life
    It's proven that kids respond well to routines. Here's how to add order to your family life and
  26. My baby cries a lot - could he have colic?

    If your baby cries inconsolably for long periods every day, particularly at the same time each

  27. My newborn falls asleep during feeding and then wakes up hungry after a short nap–how can I get her to eat more so she’ll have more rest?

    Newborn infants typically feed around eight to 12 times per day and will be able to go longer in

  28. I'm pregnant with my second baby and I'm exhausted. What can I do?

    A second baby is a challenge and a blessing. Whenever possible during your pregnancy, sleep

  29. My toddler recently had stitches. How can I promote healing and prevent scarring?

    First of all, it's important to keep the area clean. Wash the area with soap and water once a

  30. My infant has baby acne – what should I do?

    Baby acne is very common and is most likely due to hormones, says Dr. Lisa Kellett. It usually