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  1. Sore Nipples while Breastfeeding Baby
    Nipple pain is the most common complaint among breastfeeding women. Here’s a look at what could
  2. Baby Development By Trimester
    From when you can hear your baby’s heartbeat to what her first movements feel like, here’s how
  3. Facts about Sunscreen Safety
    All sunscreens are not created equal. Here is how to choose the best brand for your child.
  4. Would you ever drug test your child?
    Many parents are testing their kids for drug use. Is it a great way to keep them safe, or a serious
  5. Holiday Shopping Guide
    Our annual gift guide will help you find cool stuff for all the moms and babies on your shopping
  6. Summer Health Hazards
    How to keep your kids safe and happy for the rest of the summer
  7. The Best Sunscreens for Kids
    How to choose the safest and most effective sunscreen for your family.
  8. Can acupressure help during labor?

    Acupressure is a safe, effective, hands-on tool you can use during labor with the help of your

  9. When can I start signing with my baby?

    Because babies gesture before they can talk, they can learn to sign before they can speak

  10. An ABC Computer Game for Babies

    Keep your little one engaged as you boost his vocabulary with Starfall's interactive ABC

  11. Keep the Kids Busy

    If you’re having a lot of kids over for the holidays, a holiday craft table is the perfect

  12. Angry Babies

    For parents who just can’t get enough Angry Birds, you can get a video game reminder every

  13. A Mother’s Day Gift that Gives Back

    As if you needed another reason to love jewelry, now you can give a necklace to your favorite

  14. Affordable Toddler Beds

    You shouldn't break the bank on a toddler bed that you child may only use for a year. The good

  15. Watch and Learn Sleep Videos

    As parents we are bombarded with parenting books when sometimes all we want to do after a long

  16. Kate Spade comes to GapKids

    We’re so excited to hear about the newest collaboration with GapKids. Kate Spade and

  17. Wonder Diapers

    A cloth diaper service is the best of both diaper worlds. It’s good for the environment

  18. All-Natural Massage Oils

    Massage is a great way to bond with your child. Whether your child is an infant or even an older

  19. Get Whites Whiter with Resolve Gold

    With summer just around the corner, it can only mean one thing – more laundry and tougher

  20. Time to Bring the Outside In

    The weather may be changing, but you can still grow fresh herbs and veggies for your family with