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The Waterfront
1340 Lakeshore Road
Route: Lakeshore Road
Change station Stroller access High Chairs Play, Read or Sing Park
892 Queen Street East
Route: Queen East/Leslieville
High Chairs
Flat Rock Cellars
2727 Seventh Avenue
Route: Jordan
Stroller access Winery
Fairlawn Neighbourhood Center
28 Fairlawn Ave.
Route: Yonge and Lawrence
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas Play, Read or Sing
Christie Pits Park
Bloor street and Christie Street
Route: The Annex
Splash Pad or Pool Play, Read or Sing Park
Spencer Smith Park
Lakeshore Road
Route: Lakeshore Road
Stroller access Play, Read or Sing Park
Hamilton Public Library
955 King St. W
Route: Westdale Village
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas Play, Read or Sing

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