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The Green Eggplant
1968 Queen Street East
Route: The Beaches
High Chairs
Bessborough Public School
211 Bessborough Dr.
Route: Leaside (Laird Dr. & Eglinton Ave.)
Stroller access Park
Balls Falls Conservation Area
Victoria Avenue and Sixth Avenue
Route: Vineland
Change station Stroller access Play, Read or Sing Park
892 Queen Street East
Route: Queen East/Leslieville
High Chairs
Crown Bench Estates
3850 Aberdeen Road
Route: Grimsby/Beamsville
Stroller access Park Winery
Tilley Endurables
900 Don Mills Road
Route: Don Mills
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas Cool Baby Stores
Christina's on the Danforth
492 Danforth Avenue
Route: The Danforth
High Chairs
Angel's Gate Winery
4260 Mountainview Road
Route: Grimsby/Beamsville
Stroller access Winery
Toronto Botanical Gardens
777 Lawrence Avenue East
Route: Don Mills
Stroller access Play, Read or Sing
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery
5600 King Street West
Route: Grimsby/Beamsville
Stroller access High Chairs Winery
Jordan Lions Park
4th Avenue
Route: Jordan
Splash Pad or Pool Park
Gough Park
78 Gough Street
Route: The Danforth
Royal DeMaria Wines
4551 Cherry Avenue
Route: Vineland
Change station Stroller access Winery
Fresh Collective
692 Queen Street West
Route: Queen West and Kensington Market
Stroller access Cool Baby Stores
Huron Street Playground
Huron Street and Bloor Street
Route: The Annex
100 Queen's Park
Route: Yorkville
Change station Stroller access High Chairs Nursing Areas Play, Read or Sing
Il Fornello
2022 Queen Street East
Route: The Beaches
Change station High Chairs
Faema Cafe
672 Dupont Street
Route: The Annex
Change station Stroller access High Chairs
Tawse Winery
3955 Cherry Avenue
Route: Vineland
So Ho Bistro
3202 Yonge St.
Route: Yonge and Lawrence
Stroller access High Chairs

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