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Il Gelatiere
647A Mt. Pleasant
Route: Mount Pleasant
Stroller access
Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery
2145 Niagara Stone Rd.
Route: Niagara-on-the-Lake Wineries
Stroller access Winery
Gardner Museum
111 Queen's Park
Route: Yorkville
Change station Stroller access
Eastdell Estates
4041 Locust Lane
Route: Grimsby/Beamsville
Change station Stroller access High Chairs Winery
1740 Avenue Rd.
Route: Avenue Road
Change station Stroller access High Chairs
The Poacher Restaurant
436 Pearl Street
Route: Pearl Street
Stroller access High Chairs
Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill
900 Don Mills Road
Route: Don Mills
Change station Stroller access High Chairs
Hollywood Gelato
1640 Bayview Ave.
Route: Bayview / Leaside
Stroller access
Becoming Maternity and Parenting Centre
350 Eglinton Ave. W
Route: Eglinton Ave. West
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas Cool Baby Stores Play, Read or Sing
Frogpond Farm Organic Winery
1385 Larkin Rd.
Route: Niagara-on-the-Lake Wineries
Stroller access Winery
Whole Foods
87 Avenue Road
Route: Yorkville
Change station Stroller access
2116A Queen Street East
Route: The Beaches
Stroller access Cool Baby Stores
Tutto Pronto
1718 Avenue Rd.
Route: Avenue Road
Stroller access High Chairs
503 Brant Street
Route: Brant Street
Change station Stroller access
Don Mills Library
888 Lawrence Avenue East
Route: Don Mills
Stroller access Play, Read or Sing
Coffee Tree Roastery
2412 Bloor St. W.
Route: Bloor West Village/High Park
Change station Stroller access
Trace Manes Park
110 Rumsey Rd.
Route: Leaside (Laird Dr. & Eglinton Ave.)
Stroller access Nursing Areas Park
Woburn Park
Woburn Ave. and Yonge St.
Route: Yonge and Lawrence
Stroller access Splash Pad or Pool Nursing Areas Play, Read or Sing Park
139 Yorkville Avenue
Route: Yorkville
Change station Stroller access
Lakeview Cellars Estate Winery
4037 Cherry Avenue
Route: Vineland
Stroller access Winery

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