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Queen/Saulter Library
765 Queen Street East
Route: Queen East/Leslieville
Stroller access Play, Read or Sing
495 Eglinton Ave. West
Route: Eglinton Ave. West
Change station Stroller access High Chairs
Flo's Diner
10 Bellair Street
Route: Yorkville
Change station Stroller access High Chairs
Mocha Mocha
489 Danforth Avenue
Route: The Danforth
High Chairs
The Green Eggplant
1968 Queen Street East
Route: The Beaches
High Chairs
Huron Street Playground
Huron Street and Bloor Street
Route: The Annex
Sharkeys World Café
2199 Bloor St. W.
Route: Bloor West Village/High Park
Change station High Chairs
Le Pain Quotidien
508 Eglinton Ave. West
Route: Eglinton Ave. West
Stroller access High Chairs Nursing Areas
Pottery Barn
100 Bloor Street West
Route: Yorkville
Change station Stroller access
Pan on the Danforth
516 Danforth Avenue
Route: The Danforth
High Chairs
Il Gelatiere
647A Mt. Pleasant
Route: Mount Pleasant
Stroller access
97 Harbord Street
Route: The Annex
High Chairs
Madanto Pizza
2311 Yonge St.
Route: Yonge and Eglinton
Stroller access
Joy Bistro
884 Queen Street East
Route: Queen East/Leslieville
High Chairs
Aliviar Spa
646 Queen St. W.
Route: Queen West and Kensington Market
Change station Stroller access
Gough Park
78 Gough Street
Route: The Danforth
Beaches Library
2161 Queen Street East
Route: The Beaches
Play, Read or Sing
Becoming Maternity and Parenting Centre
350 Eglinton Ave. W
Route: Eglinton Ave. West
Change station Stroller access Nursing Areas Cool Baby Stores Play, Read or Sing
North District Library
40 Orchard View Blvd.
Route: Yonge and Eglinton
Change station Stroller access Play, Read or Sing
55 Mill St.
Route: Distillery District
Stroller access High Chairs

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